Sleep Support


We all need sleep, so when our child is not sleeping,

it affects the whole family!  


Is your baby or toddler having trouble settling to sleep?  

Do you feel like they may have trouble self-soothing?

Have you tried working with sleep consultants with no success?


Using my specialized training in sensory processing, and my certification in Baby-Led Sleep™, I provide a holistic approach to sleep, without using traditional sleep training.

Sleep Support Package

$695 + HST (*may be covered by your extended health insurance)

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive intake + review

  • 60-90 minute private virtual assessment (using zoom)

  • Discussion and education on ‘normal’ and age-appropriate sleep

  • Customized sleep plan with a point-form summary and recommendations

  • Unlimited weekly email follow-up with questions, concerns, etc for the first week following our sleep plan, followed by twice weekly email follow-up for an additional 3 weeks.

I bring to the table a unique set of tools to help provide strategies to assist in supporting your little one with settling down for sleep and/or soothing themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night.