Mom and Baby Resources

As a mom, it is sometimes hard to navigate through all of the resources out there for new moms, babies, kids, etc.  Here are some of my favourite, local resources to help get started. I am not endorsing any one product/company and do not benefit from listing them on the website (all listings are free).

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Baby Stores

These baby stores offer a variety of baby products, that are natural and often made locally, as well as offering various classes for moms and babies alike.



Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family - by La Leche League International and Diane Wiessinger


Classes and Workouts


Bootcamp with Jenn Green at Baby Mama Fitness

Evy Mama

Mommy Connections - West 

Oaks & Acorns

West End Mamas

Yoga with Laura Wood at & She Moves

Clothing and Accessories

These Canadian companies are all using (or sourcing) sustainable fabrics/materials that are built to last through hours of play and beyond