Babies @ Play Series


Are you curious to learn about what to expect developmentally of your little one? 


Join me, a fellow mom and therapist, and a supportive group of parents to talk openly about the practical health, sleep, and developmental questions you might have.  You will also learn a variety of skills, to promote your child's development in the following areas:  


  •  Engage in crucial Tummy Time

  •  Encourage age appropriate developmental movement patterns

  •  Learn about developmental milestones (motor, cognitive, language, emotional)

    •  Understand about what is typical development

    •  Learn about red flags for signs of delayed development

  •  Support better sleep

    •  Learn to recognize when your little one's awake times, over-tired, over-stimulated, fussy

  •  Ease gas and digestive discomfort

  •  Stimulate sensory motor systems

  •  Learn engaging activities and games to play with your child

  •  Develop social and emotional skills

  •  Deepen bonding and attachment

  •  Enhance visual and auditory development

  •  Encourage spinal development and alignment

  •  Develop cognitive skills

  •  Learn about the assistance in nervous system regulation

  •  Nurture support for you as a caregiver

6 week series | $195 (+HST) | 1 Hour/week |  

This one-hour class includes 45 minutes of direct instruction with 15-minutes at the end for questions and discussion with the therapist, practicing what you've learned, taking care of baby/mom needs, and connecting with other moms.

** Spring Series schedule** May 15, 2019 - June 20,2019

Two Levels to Choose From:

Level 1 - Pre-Mobile Babies - 6 weeks through rolling over/pushing backwards (roughly 6 weeks - 6 months old)

Level 2 - Mobile Babies - rolling over consistently, actively crawling to pulling to stand (roughly 6 months to 12 months)



Evy Mama - 1345 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Wednesdays from May 15, 2019 - June 19, 2019

1:00pm - Level 1 - Pre-Mobile Babies

2:00pm - Level 2 - Mobile Babies

The Healing Collective - 2005 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Thursdays from May 16, 2019 - June 20, 2019

10am - Level 1 - Pre-Mobile Babies

11am - Level 2 - Mobile Babies

** (A minimum of 4 participants is required for each class to run)**


Private in-home sessions are also available.  

Please get in touch here to discuss details.


*Note: An itemized occupational therapy receipt can be provided at the end of the series, which may allow this class to be covered by your extended health insurance! 


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